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Fits in your smartphone, you can exchange it with an hand gesture: the authentic digital business card is here.

b&p Card, is the most adavnced App for the business and personal card. Based on digital files, allows you to easily create and modifiy them. Interactive, smart and eco-friendly, a business card that helps save time, money and the environment.

Everything’s going smart and high tech, now it’s the business card’s turn. The common daily routine of exchanging business cards has just got smarter, it’s evolved into a high tech, interactive, low cost and eco-friendly solution. At work and in private, collect and store your contacts from bars, stores, restaurants, anywhere.

b&p Card is the new App that not only allows you to immediately collect and organize, free of charge thousands of business cards in your smartphone, but also allows you to create them from scratch, with an advanced and intuitive tool. The paper business card design, is also, perfectly reproducible in a digital business card.
The business cards can be exchanged with a simple hand gesture that holds the smartphone, without losing the warm and ritual feeling that has allow the beginning of millions of human and business relationships until nowadays. b&p Card uses cutting edge mobile technology to transform the custom of exchanging business cards that’s been around for centuries all around the world.

Dowload the App for free and a digital file will reproduce or create your business card.
So how does it work and what are the advantages, be it for personal or professional use? Well you can start by downloading the free App from the Apple Store or from Google Play, and registering. Now you can receive, free of charge, all the business cards you need, from smartphones with the pre-installed App, Tablets or QR Codes displayed in stores and businesses you visit. Say goodbye to floating business cards. Organise, store and retrieve in just a few seconds. No more frantic searches in drawers and briefcases, no risk of losing those precious contacts.
With b&p Card – Business and Personal – create your own business card, or reproduce the company’s standard business card, and customizing them with any individual employees data has never been easier.
It’s not a picture: it’s a real digital file you can update any time. No need for a graphic agency, issue new cards when and how you want.

Expositions, stores, bars, restaurants and hotels: everything is easier.
b&p Card has a unique feature customised for Exhibitions and Events. Digital business cards are distributed via a tablet or a simple QR Code, located in an exhibition stand or venue. Just place the smartphone near the source device, and you can collect and store as many business cards as you want. Visitors get to leave their business cards with one simple swipe towards the tablet on display. Exhibitors collect all the visitor business cards, together with all their details and export them into a file, using the business account created previously on the b&p Card website. It’s that easy.

The new business card: interractive, low cost, green.
Take one look at the list of features and you’ll soon see how b&p Card is a sure time and money saver. Fast, simple and easy to use, no more handling and printing costs, waiting times, deliveries. What’s more, the elimination of paper means you get to help save trees. Studies indicate that thousands of trees can be saved just by replacing all the paper business cards printed throughout the world with digital ones.

b&p Card features also the Active Fields. All it takes is one click and you can call a phone number, write an e-mail, visit the website or locate your contact on a map.
Once you create your business card, all you need to do is purchase an exchange package and you’re ready to share.
Exchanging cards is easy: two smartphones in close range, swipe your card and watch it leave your screen and appear on the other smartphone screen.

Check out the b&p Card App website for all the details and support to guarantee to get you up and running.


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